How to Draw Peeta, Peeta Mellark, the Hunger Games


Make a circle for the head and then add the facial guides.


Here you will begin sketching out the shape of the face and or structure. When you are done with shaping the face, draw in the bangs which is feathered to the right.


Using the face guides, draw in the eyes, thicken the eyelids, and then draw out the nostrils of his nose. Be sure to sketch in some detailing under the eyes.


Here you will first sketch out the eyebrows like so, and notice how the hairs look like single pieces. Draw the iris', pupils and add some shading to the pupils for color. Sketch the nose holes and move along.


Next, sketch in the mouth and then draw in the clef above the mouth and under the bottom lip.


The next step is to get the hair drawn out and when doing this task, make sure that the hair is messy looking and drawn in chunk style pieces. Draw in some strand lines and then thicken the middle of the scalp's lining.


All you need to do here is draw in his ears, and then add some detailing inside of them.


For the last drawing step all you have to do is sketch out the shape of his neck, and then draw the high collar from his jacket. Add some detailing to the neck and then begin cleaning up the drawing.


Well this is what the sketch looks like when you are all done. Just color him in and add this character to your Hunger Games character collection.

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December 9, 2011

Description: So, seems that Katniss was an uber success, therefore, I must do a tutorial on “how to draw Peeta Mellark”, step by step! Now, this tutorial was a bit easier for me to render, only because Peeta's hair is short in this, and when I painted Katniss, I had to draw a whole bunch of long locks of hair, making sure it flows correctly. Also note that, I tried my best to make the style similar to the original reference image. This was definitely much easier (sorry to stress that!) With that stated, you should go through this tutoiral in a breeze. Make sure to get yourself a ruler and an object that is circular to trace around for perfect guidelines. They must be as accurately drawn to result with a resemblance such as this. Also note that additional shading skills is required to render your image very similar to the one shown above. Anyways, I best be going with other tutorials now. I hope you'll enjoy this lesson as much as I had creating it. Thanks so much for viewing and piece out!

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