How to Draw Neo Metal Sonic

How to Draw Neo Metal Sonic
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Are you ready to tackle this first drawing lesson or what? Awesome, than let's get started. You will first start this step by drawing a nicely round circle and then add a few spiked lines coming from his head shape. You will then add another circle s   


Okay in this next step all you will be doing is drawing out the shapes of the spiked shaped eyes and the add the shapes of the shoulder pads. You will then add the belt lining and start to sketch in the lines for his hands and fingers as shown. What    


Well you have made it half way, so that means you are almost done. You will tackle this next step by drawing out the shape of the spikes on his head as shown. Some are smaller and some are larger. After you have done this you can start drawing out an   


Finally step four, awesome right? You will draw out the rest of the spiked shapes on top of Metal Sonic's head. Detail the inside lining of his eyes and then detail the flap that hangs from his belt. Shade in the inside of the sleeve like hole on the   


Okay you are finally on your last step cool huh? You will now start adding the detailed definition on the spikes like the arrow shapes. You will then give Metal Sonic his eyes and then a hint of a nose. Detail the armor on his chest and belt and then   


After you have erased all the guidelines and shapes you drew in step one, you are now ready to color in your drawing. Well you did it, and you did a good job. I hope you found this drawing lesson helpful on how to draw Neo Metal Sonic step by step. D   

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October 17, 2008

Hello everyone in DragoArt land welcome back to another exciting drawing lesson. Today I figured I would fill a request made by a member a couple weeks ago. He asked if I could do a tutorial on how to draw Neo Metal Sonic. So naturally I have to fill request made by members even if it does take me a little while to draw and submit. Now before we get into the drawing aspect of Neo Metal Sonic, lets talk about this video game character shall we? Anyway Metal Sonic made his first appearance in the Sonic the Hedgehog CD game. I can remember playing Sonic the Hedgehog all the time. I know that the new Sonic game was just released and that it has since become a bot hit with video game players. Neo Metal Sonic was created and controlled by Eggman. His main plot was to send Metal Sonic back to the past so he could change the future to his advantage. What I love about this character is his suit, it is so cool and colorful. This character from the Sonic chronicles is probably one of the coolest along side Sonic himself and Knuckles. The fact is, Neo Metal Sonic is suppose to be Sonic's robotic copy which was last seen in Sonic Heroes. Now anyone who has played the game series knows that Sonic and friends wind up defeating Metal Sonic hands down. When I was drawing Neo Metal Sonic it took me nearly four hours just to get his character drawn out right. I had to start this sketch on paper because I knew that there was going to be a lot of bits, pieces and shapes to draw out before I could even get him done. After I did a solid rough sketch on paper, I then transferred the image to my comp and scanned him into Photoshop CS3. Once I got him in Photoshop I started to draw him out using my tablet until all the line art was complete. After Metal Sonic was finalized I then spent another two hours coloring him in and then adding the shading so that he would come out looking like metal. This was by far one of the toughest tutorials I have done in a while so I hope you all enjoy learning how to draw “Neo Metal Sonic” step by step. I will be back with four more cool tutorials in a bit so hang around gang there is more to come on this October day. Peace out people.

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