How to Draw an Angel

Artist: Dawn / October 23, 2008

Step 1.

In this first step you will draw out the frame of the angel. First draw out a circle shape for her head and then add teh facial guidelines. You will then draw out the shape of her upper body or torso and then add a vertical line for her shoulders. Ne   

Step 2.

The first thing you will do here is start sketching ion the angel wing lines as seen here and then begin sketching out her long flowing hair in the front of her face. Next draw out the arm lines as well as her outer thighs. You will then add the desi   

Step 3.

Well you are on your third step and you know what that means right? Yup, you are almost done. You will sketch out more of her hair this time start from the scalp and work your way down. Next add the tops to the feathers of her angel wings and then be   

Step 4.

Well so far you are doing great and I know this lesson may seem a bot hard right? Don't worry just take your time and you will do great. You will start detailing her hair by adding more strands as seen here. You will also need to add some detailing t   

Step 5.

Well guess what? You have just reached your last drawing step. You will add more strands to her hair and then sketch out her necklace. Lastly you will draw out the cloud that she is sitting on and when you are done with that you can start erasing all   

Step 6.

Well here she is your very own guardian angel. All you have to do now is color her in using any color you wish. That will do it for this tutorial on how to draw an angel step by step. I hope you have enjoyed this lesson, I will be back with more in a   

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: Well this is going to be a super special tutorial day because I did some wicked cool tutorials yesterday and I am going to show you what I have done. For my first lesson I will be showing you "how to draw an angel", step by step. I chose to do an angel that one, would look good as a tattoo, and two, also be very beautiful as well. Angels are suppose to be a symbolization of purity, love, and they are also linked to many religions as well. In fact the Christian, Islam, and Judaism faith all believe that angels are messengers of God. In the book of Revelations there are seven angels that blow on seven horns to deliver seven different wraiths from God as a sign of the end of the word. There are some that also believe that angels are warriors of God and they are sometimes sent down to earth to protect and guard individuals. These are called guardian angels. As for me, I think that angels are sent from God and I also believe that they serve many different purposes. Do I think that angels are sent to watch over us? Yes I do. I believe that angels are there to guide us through our troubled times when we are most in need. When we prey and ask God for guidance, he sends down one of his beloved angels to help people through trying times. There are folks that have strong beliefs that the guardian angels that watch over them, are loved ones that have passed on and they now spend their days as spirits to constantly protect and watch over you until it is our time to pass. Either way I think that angels are beautiful and they will always possess a purity as a reflection from God. Now there are also children that are portrayed as angels as well and they are called cherubs. These are fallen children that have passed on and they now sit along side of God in the Kingdom of Heaven. Angels are so spectacular, they are often used as tattoos with both men and woman. Men love their angels to be very voluptuous and woman like their angels to look very pure. So in order to make both parties happy I sketched out and colored an angel that is both very womanly and pure. I will show you how easy it is to draw a sexy angel step by step. I absolutely love the way my drawing came out in color and in sketch. I gave her blonde hair and blue eyes so that she reflects a sense of purity along with beauty. I wanted her to have a very pretty face, so I used a reference of actress Megan Fox (the girl from Transformers) because I think she is wicked pretty. So knock your self out with this awesome online drawing lesson on how to draw an angel. I know you will be totally mesmerized by her beauty.