How to Draw Super Mario

Artist: Dawn / September 7, 2010

Step 1.

Ok, before we begin drawing the details for this character, start off by drawing the essential guidelines. In order to make things accurately drawn, you'll need to add the guidework. Drawing these lines should be drawn with patience and caution. It c   

Step 2.

Start off by drawing the hat and the ear. It's best to start off this way because shaping the face, leads to less chance of mishaps. Once you've done that, work on that large fat nose! Mario is totally known for his mustache and nose, so take precaut   

Step 3.

Now, here's the fun part! Draw the eyebrows and the hat to yield the perfect looking Mario! Don't ever forget to add the side burn and large mustache! It's really easy to draw this, basically add six swift loops until you reach the end of the other l   

Step 4.

Draw the two circles for the eyes. The eyes have to be perfectly symmetrical in order to have a believable Mario looking face. Add a loop at the top of the hat to define the "M" symbol. Start finishing off this step by drawing the overall straps and    

Step 5.

Add some extra details to the facial details and the bottom body. Make sure you make his lower body really curvy and plump. Finish off the right hand by sketching fingers.

Step 6.

This step is pretty basic. Just draw the shoes and the pupils for the eyes. Once done, you're truly done!

Step 7.

This is what your line work should resemble once completed. If you want, you could possibly color the drawing with what tools you prefer. Take your time and look over the drawing to see if you've made any mistakes. If you're not pleased, retry the tu   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: September 7, 2010
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Description: Who's waiting for an awesome tutorial based on the most popular video game character in history today? I know, I know, this is probably the quadrillionth tutorial on a Mario character, but hey, it's fun drawing him! In this tutorial, you'll be learning “how to draw super Mario”, step by step. Of course, this version of him I drew is pretty much the older version from the games like Super Mario World and Mario 64. I remember back in the old days, me and my brother used to play these games as well as the Mario Party games as well (which was enriched with superb fun awesomeness). Drawing this character should be pretty easy, I made it where you can follow the steps easy enough to draw in no time! If you keep practicing enough, you'll become better at drawing him. It will eventually lead onto better drawing skills where you can draw your very own Mario character! If you're a little on E when it comes to drawing these characters, head over to the Video Game category for more Mario characters! Anyways, the drawing was pretty easy, the body pose was somewhat a bit of a hassle due to the large arms and overalls. Make sure you focus on drawing his face and making his mustache really large so it looks more like Mario. Well folks, I have to go no, I really hope you'll enjoy this tutorial! Thanks for viewing and peace out!