How to Draw Cresselia

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Simply make a small circle for the head, draw a neck line, and connect another circle shape for the lower portion of the body.


Here you will use the one head shape you drew in step one to draw out the egg shaped crest on the forehead, and the shape of an axe blade for the back of Cresselia's head.


For this step we will be drawing out the front part of Cresselia's face which is also home to her egg shaped eye. Draw in the mark on her cheek, and then another pointed shape on the other side of her face which is the point of the bottom part of her   


Okay, you are getting closer and closer to finishing this tutorial on Cresselia. All you have to do now is draw out the chest and or belly, and draw the two tufts on her chest which the ribbon like arches are connected to. She should look like there    


Lastly for the ending step, all you have to do is draw out her back end or tail, and then draw out the lines that will make the wings look like loops. Draw in a marking line on her neck, and move to step six after you have erased the lines and shapes   


Here is what your rare female Pokemon looks like when you are all done drawing her out. Color her in and you have just finished this lesson on drawing Cresselia.

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April 5, 2011

Description: There is a Pokemon species that comes from Fullmoon Island and this is one of the first species that you can really referrer to them as a 'she'. Today we are going to be drawing Cresselia step by step and it is a species that is one hundred percent female. It is a psychic type Pokemon that falls in the Lunar Pokemon species category. They are not known to evolve from, or to anything else which means what you see is what you get. Cresselia have a swan like appearance that is in a ribbon like form. They are very beautifully colored with shades of pastels like blue, pink, yellow, and even a hint of purple. Though this Pokemon species looks to be very graceful and delicate, their abilities say otherwise. You would never think that such an attractive species such as the Cresselia have powers to create nightmares. She is also known to heal any traumatizing scars caused by looking at her. Her abilities are so incredibly intimidating, that some believe her to be what you call the Sandman for Pokemon world. I wonder if you say her name three times if she will appear in the mirror and cast a nightmarish spell on the one that called her name. Anyways, you will surly enjoy this lesson on "how to draw Cresselia" because she is such a pretty Pokemon to recreate. I shall return with one more lesson for you all so stay put. Peace peeps!

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