How to Draw Kawaii David Bowie


Make two shapes, one for the head and another for the body. Sketch in the facial guidelines as well.


Define the shape of Davod Bowie's Kawaii face, then draw in the bangs from his hair.


Complete the head shape which is also the hairstyle. Add the small pieces of hair on top of the head as well.


We will use the facial guidelines to draw out the round eyes and then the mouth. Color in the eyes as well.


Here you will draw the lightning bolt like pattern across the face on an angle.


The face is done. Let's move on by drawing the body but we need to draw the collar and V opening.


Draw the body without the arms. Just the torso and legs. Notice that angle the body is drawn in.


Lastly, draw in the arms and the seam lines for the boots and jacket. Erase the mistakes along with the guides.


Here is the line art. Now you can go ahead and color in your Kawaii version of David Bowie.

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January 15, 2016

Description: Another celebrity has passed on and this individual was one of music's greatest artists. Here is a cute Kawaii or chibi version of this pop/rock icon and I think you will enjoy it if you like David Bowie. Up next, we will learn how to draw Kawaii David Bowie, step by step. I love how this version of him came out. The signature Space Oddity album inspired face paint really makes this chibi/Kawaii stand out. I do hope you like it. David Bowie is one of my favorite singers and will always remain that way. I will return so stick around.

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