How to Draw Jet the Hawk


Firstly, as always, your going to want to start off with a guideline. A big circle for the head, two other ovalish shapes for the hands and a guideline stick body.


next step, you'll need to start with the face. start to draw in the eyes and the front of the beak.


Now to finish the eyes and add the other details as shown in the image.


Put in the edges of the eyes, a bit like silver's but therre are two parts. Finish the mouth and add in the goggles.


NOw to dd the pupils in the eyes, the feathers on the back of his head and the extra details to the goggles.


Ok. Now that's the head done, we can start on the body. To start off with, the arms and the things around his wrist.


To go further, add the hands and start to draw in the legs.


Cool! Now we can start to finish off teh hands by adding the finishing the detail to those things around his wrist and add that hair in his chest and put in the tail feathers.


Ok! So that's the body done. We can now start the legs. Draw in the tops of the boots.


Great! Now to actuallt draw in the boots.


Ok. Now I'm going to show you an easy way to do the patterns on his boots. First, draw an arrow like shape going down the middle.


Then, just draw three of those other weird looking shapes going across that arrow shape.


Cool!! And then you're pretty much finished! Apart from some colour and a background if you really want to.

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February 9, 2011

Description: A 12 step tutorial on how to draw Jet the Hawk from sonic riders.

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