How to Draw Greek Gods

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You're basically drawing the figure of a statue of the Greek goddess. Start with a round shape for her head, and then draw the boxy shape of her torso. Add the facial guidelines and a neck line which you will have to attach to her body shape. Incorpo   


Begin sketching out the shape of Aphrodite's face structure, and neck. Next draw the hairline along her forehead which in this case is a bit curly looking. Next add the nose, shoulder lines, and some of the toga which is what Romans wore around those   


Finish sketching out her head and hairstyle, and then draw in her simple looking plastered face. If you want to go all out and sketch her to look different, by all means go ahead. You will then sketch out both of her arms and hands, and then sketch m   


Continue to sketch out the rest of her toga and be sure to draw this material to look loose. Toga's where made of wool, and sometimes they would go over a tunic which was made of linen. The average toga was cloth that was about twenty feet long, and    


This is now your last drawing step and as you can see, all you need to do is sketch out the rest of her toga, and then draw her feet and sandals. Did you know that after the second century B.C. only men wore togas and woman had to wear stolas. Erase    


This is it, you are done. Color her in, or you can choose to leave her looking like a milky white plaster statue. I had fun, and I hope you did too. It's not everyday that you see a lesson showing you how to draw Greek gods after all.

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March 31, 2010

Description: Hello again everybody and welcome to this exciting tutorial that is going to be one of five lessons that will be submitted today. Early this morning I uploaded a lesson on Zeus, who is as you know the ruler of all mankind according to Greek Mythology. Today I thought I would give you an educational tutorial that will not only teach you "how to draw Greek Gods", but also list who all the Gods in existence where. The mythological men and women where actually known as “The Olympian Gods”. Back in ancient Greece, these figures where known as the cultures deities. Every Olympian God that I will list took their place after they overthrew their ancestors which where known as the Titans. All lived on Mount Olympus which is the highest mountain in Greece, and this is why they are referred to as Olympian Gods. Now like I mentioned in the previous tutorial, Zeus was the ruler of heaven and of all man kind. Even though all the gods have stories of how they came to pass, they all lived in human bodies, but unlike you or I, they never aged. In total there is tales and myths of twelve gods, but in all actuality there was fourteen. The reason why only twelve where talked about more is because they are amongst the popular. Are you ready to hear the list of all the rulers of Greek Myth? Okay then let's get to it. Lets start the list in alphabetical order. The first is Aphrodite, she is the goddess of love, Apollo is the beautiful goddess of the music and sun, Ares is as you know the god of war, Artemis is the goddess of the hunt, Athena is goddess of wisdom and the arts, Demeter was the goddess that people prayed to if farmers wanted a good harvest, Dionysus is the pleasant god of wine, Hades is one of the more popular because he is the god of the Underworld, Hephaestus on the other hand wasn't a very liked figure being the god of metallurgy. Are you still with me guys? Try and keep up I only have a few more to name and then you can get started on the lesson okay? On with the show then! Hera was idolized because she is the Greek goddess of the Family, Hermes was the sly god of trade, Hestia was the gentle goddess of the hearth, and finally Poseidon who always seemed a bit moody, and it was easy to tell when he was because he is the god of the seas. I already mentioned Zeus in the beginning of the lesson so all you need to do now is start this tutorial, and teach yourself "how to draw Greek gods", step by step. In this lesson you are drawing Aphrodite, who was the Greek goddess of Love, Beauty and Eternal Youth. And if you're wondering, yes that is her breast on the right side that is bare, as her statue and history has her written, and descried this way. I shall return one and all with some more drawing fun. Peace out

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