How to draw hair three ways

Artist: animelover1123 / September 5, 2013

Step 1.

So first we start with the bangs for this kinda ponytail kinda not style

Step 2.

Now we add this second part of the hair

Step 3.

Now we draw the top bit and the the left side which would be are right.:D

Step 4.

Now for the last bit just add the bit of hair that comes around and hangs on her shoulder, which I outlined in red. Then just add the shading and yr done!!!!!!!(u mite have to click on the pic to see it but its there XD)

Step 5.

For this one we'll be drawing a done due, and again start with the bangs

Step 6.

Now draw this first bit, which u can just repeat on the other side

Step 7.

Now draw the other bit and the top of the hair

Step 8.

Then just add shading and yr done!!!! :D

Step 9.

Now for the last but certainly not least the pigtails!!!!!!!!! Start by drawing the bangs like all the rest, I don't know why but it's just the way I draw hair

Step 10.

Now u can kinda gather it on the side o the head and a cute little bow

Step 11.

Now we draw the first little bit of hair that's sticking out. Repeat on the other side (note that the bow doesn't show on the other side so don't draw it, unless in yr drawing it does)

Step 12.

Now draw the rest of the hair

Step 13.

Now just draw the top and add some shading and yr done!!!!!!':D Enjoy!!

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Artist: animelover1123
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Description: This is a tut on how to draw hair three different ways. This is a new way to draw hair that I taught my self, and I think I made it up too.(sry if somebody made it up before me XD) anyway here it is!! Enjoy!!!!!