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one way to color

Artist: animelover1123 / June 3, 2014
one way to color

Step 1.

first choose and color the skin. now add shadows to the skin, then move on to step two.

Step 2.

now add a little pink to the skin, and color in the lips.

Step 3.

now choose and color in the cloths

Step 4.

now add shadows to the cloths.

Step 5.

now choose and add color to the hair.

Step 6.

now add shadow to the hair, almost done, and its okay if its messy, you can clean it up in the next step.

Step 7.

now all you have to do is clean it up! i'll leave the background coloring to you. so now your done, hope you had fun learning one way to color, enjoy!

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Artist: animelover1123
Date Added: June 3, 2014
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Description: this is just one way to color, not the only way, so here it is "one way to color". enjoy