How to draw a random guy


Ok so we'll start out with the basic stick figure


Now we can draw the out side lines of the body.(note that I was sketching this wile I toke pics for the tut so there a lot of changes)


Now u can finish the arms!! which will also make the shape of the body, but remember boys don't have curves in there body so don't add them, unless of corse it's some kind of dude girl hybrid then by all means go ahead!!


Now finish his legs, and again remember not to curve ; )


Now we can draw the eyes!! Nose, and mouth XD Remember that the eye lids aren't very thick and that u can't see eyelashes!! Cuz it's a guy


Add hair.................


.................Now for the cloths I did a really baggy type shirt so I made lots of wrinkles, u don't have to


Now all that's left is to shade/color your pic!!!! Enjoy!!!!!!!

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September 17, 2013

Description: This tut is on how to draw a anime guy. Sorry I haven't uploaded any new tuts lately I've been doing other things;) Any way here's this tut and enjoy!!!! Oohh! I also do tut/artwork request but please leave them in comments on my mane page!! p.s. piz read my profile bio before giving me a request that is if u haven't read it already:D

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