How to Draw Genie from Aladdin


All righty then, what you will do first is draw his oddly-shaped head, pointy ear, and cute lil' ponytail. :-D Don't forget your facial guidelines! Next, draw the shoulders and the arms that connect to them, followed by the guidelines for the hands.   


Whoa, already on step 2? Can't touch this! All right, now it is time to draw in the things that make Genie...uh, Genie. Using the guidelines as shown, draw in the shape of his eyes, then his bushy eyebrows, followed by his mischievous smile. Now add    


Believe it or not, we are already HALF WAY THERE! Draw the black circles in his eyes so that he is looking down like "Oooh, did I do THAT?" :-D Next, draw in those giant hands, erasing the guidelines as you find it necessary. Please don't neglect th   


Well, what is this? It seems like this picture is complete! It will be just as soon as you erase all your guidelines and make any finishing changes. I actually prefer to ink in my drawing, then erase my guidelines, but as I said before, artistic lice   

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February 14, 2009

Description: Made ya look! ;-) This is my very first tutorial on Dragoart. Today I will be showing you how to draw THE funniest character on Aladdin, the all-powerful Genie! Of course he's hilarious; he's voiced by Robin Williams for corn's sake! I honestly don't know what the movie would've done without him (not that it wasn't already awesome, but how could we be crying our eyes out one moment and splitting our sides laughing the next, otherwise?). Anywho, I for one am a firm believer in artistic license, so when you are finished drawing, I totally encourage you to do whatever comes into your gorgeous lil' head. He is a very versatile character to dress up, since he will turn into anything, including Darkwing Duck! LOL!! For those of you who are going "HUH?!" I apologize. Please be sure to rate and comment. Manatee out! :-D

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