How to Draw Princess Jasmine

Artist: Dawn / August 27, 2008

Step 1.

Start this first step with a circle for her face and then add the facial guidelines as shown. Next draw out the shape of her curvy body starting at the chest all the way down to the bottom of her pants. Now what you will do is add the guidelines for    

Step 2.

Now here the first thing you will do is start making the outline of her hair in the front. Then draw in the shape of her neck and then add her necklace. Next sketch out the shapes of her arms and hand along with the shape of her chest including her b   

Step 3.

What you will do here is draw out the top of her head and draw the headband with the jewel in the middle. After that you can start sketching in the shapes of her eyes, nose and mouth along with her pretty earrings. Detail her left arm a bit more and    

Step 4.

This is the last drawing step and you will now start to erase all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one. After that detail her headband and then color in pupils for her eyes and give her nice catty looking eyelashes. Detail her shoulder   

Step 5.

When you are completely done your Princess Jasmine should come out looking like what you see above. The only thing you have to do now is color her in. That is it you just finished this tutorial on how to draw Princess Jasmine step by step. I hope you   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: August 27, 2008
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Description: Howdy everyone and welcome back to Today is a new day, and with a new day comes a new tutorial. I didn’t submit any tutorials yesterday because I was working on a new look for the site. Doing that all day basically kept me busy all day and night. But thankfully I have the help from my parents to guide me through all the work I do here. Anyways, before I get back to doing more work for the site, I figured that I should do a quick drawing of Aladdin’s girlfriend. So in this tutorial you will all learn "how to draw Jasmine". Jasmine is part of the Disney princess gang. These select princesses are all a part of different movies that Disney released over time. Every character plays the main role of either a female that becomes a princess or a princess that is rescued in some way, shape or form. Not only is Princess Jasmine included in the princess posse, the group also consist of Snow White who is the young princess that runs off in the woods and finds herself living with seven dwarves. Next you have Belle and she is a beautiful bright young woman that finds enjoyment by stuffing her brain reading books about fairytales and enchanted castles. Her fairytale books become a reality when she is held captive of a beast that she later learns to love. Another character is Ariel, now Ariel is a self driven confident young mermaid that falls in love with a human prince named Eric. Next up is Cinderella; she is the character that plays your typical rags to riches role and also gets to marry a prince at the end. The last three Disney princess characters are Mulan the brave young woman that leads an all male army to victory, Sleeping Beauty who is the blonde bomb shell that falls in a deep sleep and is later rescued and awakened by a single kiss from Prince Phillip, and lastly you have Pocahontas, she is the daughter of an Indian chief and falls in love with John Smith. Her love for Smith saves his life in the end and peace is brought upon her village and people. As for Princess Jasmine, she is the princess of Agrabah and her father insists that she marry a prince to make sure that she is token care or provided for. The only problem is she wants to marry someone she loves not just another suitor chosen by her father. She later falls in love with a street rat named Aladdin and the two end up living happily ever after. Princess Jasmine is a very pretty character from the Disney family and Aladdin the movie was one of my favs as a kid growing up. This tutorial will show you "how to draw Princess Jasmine", step by step. The instructions will help you on your drawing journey. I will be back tomorrow with more tutorials for you all. So hang in there and peace out my fellow artist, stay creative.