How to Draw Different Manga Eyes


First I will be showing you the eyes numbered. I will use these numbers to explain what to do and to give details about the relating eyes.


First, just draw some horizontal lines to either determine how to place the eyes and how big you want them to be. I drew the number of lines I thought was clear enough for the relating eyes.


The next step is to start drawing lines that generally determine the shape of the eyes you want to draw. I tried to use as basic shapes as possible, but it is okay to skip this and some of the following parts and draw more advanced shapes if you're    


Now try to put a little more detail in the shapes and maybe add the basic lines for the iris of some of the eyes already. Almost everything could be done with basic shapes. note: if you're using cirkles, make them big to create more slightly curved   


As for the most of the eyes it's still about adding more details to either the form or the pupils. I started using read lines here so that it was still clear anough to see what step to take. I'd like to mention that you can now see nr 4 and 8 weren   


Now it's time to start adding kind of details into the eyes like lashes (1,2 and 7), lines you're going to draw the lashes on (4, 8) and/ or determine where the highlights are going to be (3,7). Make sure you don't draw these 'details' too accurate    


Next is finishing these details before drawing them over or inking them. As you can see I repeated some of the steps for the other eyes now too.


The following step is simply drawing the eyes over/ inking them. Watch closely what lines I inked. With the inking I drew some curves for the eyelids and I added extra lines (hatched it) on the left side of nr 1, 4 and 8 to create the shape and effe   


This is how the eyes will look after you erased the basic lines. I'm going a bit further in this tutorial with adding fitting eyebrows now, but you can also decide to try and add your own ideas to the eyes you've drawn.


These won't take much steps at all and as you can see it's actually pretty easy since the only thing you have to do is drawing a line in the shape that fits with the emotion the eye is showing and give it more shape by adding slightly more or less cu   


The last thing is inking the eyebrows/ drawing them over and erase possible basic lines and you're done! It may seem hard in the beginning, but try to improvise on the shapes so you cen personalize them and they will be easier for you to draw. Next   

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March 5, 2010

Description: As you can see I put several styles of manga eyes in a row. I tried to draw them with standard figures and lines and such, but please don't judge me too hard yet since this is my very first tutorial and I never really draw with lines and figures myself :)

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