How to Draw a Cell


Like I said, here is a breakdown of a cell. It's almost strange looking at a microorganism that is from your body. Just think, our bodies have millions of cells that makes up who we are.


Let's begin. Draw an egg like circle for the shape of your cell body or cell membrane.


Next, draw in a small shape for the nucleus in the center.


Next, you will draw in the combined shape of both the rough ER and smooth ER. It almost looks like a puzzle piece.


We will move on to drawing more parts of the cell and that is the three seed like pods called vacuoles. When that is done you can draw in the scribble looking shape which is the golgi body.


The small spots in the cell are called lysosomes so you will draw in a series of those next.


We will now draw in a series of mitochondrions which are the pod like shapes with small lines on each side.


We are almost done with this lesson. In this step we will draw small bubble like clusters. These clusters are called ribosomes.


And now for the last step you will draw in the nucleolus. That is all done, now you can move to step ten which is you last drawing step.


Here is the line art. Now you can add some color to your new cell drawing.

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October 22, 2014

Description: When I was in school I had to do science reports on various subjects for the human body. Once of these subjects was on cells. Now I know school hasn't changed that much because my little sister who is in the fifth grade is learning about human cells and DNA right now. Having said that, here is a tut on "how to draw a cell", step by step. This lesson will also include a break down of the cell. I will point out the different parts to cells too. Cells are small microscopic units that are alive and can replicate on their own. Within a cell you have the cell membrane which is the outer wall of the cell, you also have the nucleolus, nucleus, golgi body, vacuole, lysosome and other parts to the cell that you will see pointed poit for you in the first step of this tut. The important thing is you will have the ability to draw cells using this lesson in a step by step manner. I hope you find a use for this lesson as I know I would have if I where in school and was a member of Dragoart. Adios folks and have fun.

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