How to Draw Chibi Snow White

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First start out with a head shape with eye lines. Then draw a curved torso line, a half oval for her shoulders, the lines for her arms and a gum drop shape for her dress. Her head should be a lot bigger than her body.


Now you can start with drawing her big chibi eyes and a cute little smile. Start drawing her hair by adding big pillow like lumps to the side of her head. Do not use any straight or harsh lines on her hair so it will stay soft looking. Go ahead and u   


Now draw in the outline of the other bang and her ribbon in her hair. The ribbon can be easily done by using simple heart shapes with a square, then hide the ribbon behind her bangs. Using heart shapes again, you can draw in her poofy sleeves. Draw i   


Now you can draw in her hands. Be sure to keep them very small for this type of chibi! Draw in her collar and neck also. You may draw in her eyebrows and eyelid lines as well just so you can have the head finished. Be sure to erase any extra lines!


Now all the torso lines except the one for the middle of her chest should be erased. Using the gum drop shape, draw three lines that extend down in a curved shape. You can connect these lines with curved lines, making sure to keep the big middle piec   


Now you can draw in tear drop shapes on her sleeves, her collar bones and a little tiny shoe with a bow sticking out the bottom. Great job!!


Make sure your drawing is all cleaned up and any extra lines erased away and have fun coloring your very own Snow White!

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November 29, 2010

Description: This is a tutorial on how to draw a chibi Snow White!

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