How to Draw Chibi Aladdin

Artist: Jedec / November 29, 2010

Step 1.

First start out by drawing his head shape with eye lines. Draw a smallish circle that covers the end of his lower eye line and sticks out of the head shape a bit. Then draw his torso guide lines with shoulder arch and arm extensions. Also draw a ro   

Step 2.

Since the bangs cover part of the eyes, lets start with them next. Where the bangs cross the eye lines, make sure they only extend down less than half way. To do the hair that covers part of his ear, have it come down from the upper bang, touch the   

Step 3.

Now you can start drawing his eyes! Be careful with the eye covered by the bangs. Use the blue arch guide line if you need it, but this is optional! Draw a full smile and his lower lip as well as his torso. Next to him, draw a rice cake shape (so   

Step 4.

Now you can draw in his vest and the wrap around his waist. The wrap should go into the marshmallow shape just a bit. Now you can turn that marsh mallow shape into pants by thinning the sides a little and adding a low cut to his pants. Keep them l   

Step 5.

Aladdin wouldn't be set without his lamp now would he? Draw the spout being sure to keep it curved the whole time. Use straight lines flaring out from the bottom of the soft triangle shape and use a curved line to connect them. If you need help wi   

Step 6.

Now for the final touches! Draw the lines for where his eyebrows would be hiding under his bangs, eye lines, extra fingers on his hand at his side, a patch, a line for his chest, and a little S shaped line to make up his ear. Go ahead and erase a l   

Step 7.

Good job! Have fun coloring your very own Aladdin!

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