How to Draw Chibi Angel Wings

Artist: littlenubnubs / June 14, 2013

Step 1.

We're going to start off by drawing our guideline. A simple circle will do. Please draw it lightly. Also, no need for it to be perfect since it will be erased later on.

Step 2.

Start in the middle of the circle and draw a little swirl that spawns out to the edge of the circle. Extend it into a straight line to form the top of the wing and then curve it down to the edge of the circle. You can draw the tips of your wings poi   

Step 3.

Draw a smaller wing starting where you left off on the previous feather. Let its end point come into the circle but don't let it touch the swirl though.

Step 4.

Time to draw the last feather. Let it start from the end point of the second feather and complete it be touching the bottom of the wing.

Step 5.

Outline your wings in marker and then erase the guideline circle.

Step 6.

The end result should look like this! Feel free to shade it in or color it in however you wish. :)

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Artist: littlenubnubs
Date Added: June 14, 2013
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Description: Drawing these little wings will be sure to add cuteness and innocence to your character.