How to Draw Chibi Bodies


This tutorial is going to teach you how to draw a chibi body and show you a couple of the types of chibis I draw. The style to the very left will be done in depth hence why there are no guide lines on them. (Click the image to see the larger one. Yo   


Chibis can come in all different shapes and sizes, you can use normal eyes, or you can use dots for eyes to add more of a doll type look to them. The one thing that all chibis have in common is the strange proportions. Most chibis are drawn with la   


Even if you aren't an advanced drawer, there is a chibi out there that you can handle! This one was drawn from a basic stick figure shape with a large head. When drawing small chibis, I usually keep the smile more of a half oval than a crecent moon   


Then there is the large chibi. Most people don't think to draw a large chibi because it seems more like a regular drawing than a chibi. It is very important to keep proportions in mind when drawing a large chibi so it doesn't come out looking like    


As a rule of thumb, I always say to pair large hands, with large feet. If you draw a chibi with really big hands and teeny tiny feet, it could look a little strange. Uniformity is key! Keep the hands and feet pairing similar so you can avoid a dis   


Now I will show you step by step one of the styles of chibis that I enjoy. This style has a really large head with large eyes and a tiny body. Start with your basic head shape with a point for the chin, a half circle for shoulders and rectangle for   


Go ahead and draw in your eyes. You can use your favorite eyes if you choose, but I enjoy these eyes so I will use them! Go ahead and had the little smirk. Do not have the smile be a complete crescent, leave a little gap to one side to show that i   


Now you can erase the guide lines for the head and start drawing in your body! Remember about the uniformity with the hands and feet. Notice I chose fingerless small hands to go with toe-less small feet. This way the focus is going to be on the la   


Now we can start drawing in the hair. Try not to have the hair go over the eyes because for this one, the main focus of the chibi is the large eyes. Also, to make the head look a little bigger and cute, you can puff up the hair and have it come off   


But wait! Not looking to draw a boy? This is a unisex chibi and can be made into a girl as well! I drew her hair very sleek against the top of her head and had it come down into a curl because I want to show that she has really straight hair on to   


Now for the finishing touches. Aside from the hair, the other features can set the male and female apart as well. I have them side by side here so you can see the difference. Notice the eyebrows on the male are thicker than the female. The thick    


Side by side, you can see that just subtle changes to a basic chibi body can easily turn it from male to female. You just have to get the basic body down! I hope this tutorial helped you grasp the idea of the basic chibi body.

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December 2, 2010

Description: This is a tutorial on "<em><strong>how to draw chibi bodies</em></strong>! I only did a full tutorial on how to draw one style, but I did leave the basic guide lines up for all the other ones in case you want to try them too!

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