How to Draw Baby Animals

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Are you ready to learn how to draw baby animals? Well, let's get started. First draw a big circle for the head and then add the facial guidelines. You will then draw another larger circle for the shape of the baby animal's body. Once that is done you   


Now you will start having fun because you will start this second step sketching out the actual shape and style of your baby animal which happens to be a chic. Once the head is drawn, you can draw the small adorable looking eyes, and then draw a cute    


Since you are almost done with this lesson on "how to draw baby animals", you will start sketching out the shape of the puffy looking body as seen here. Add some detail and definition, and then move to the next step to see what you need to do next.


You will finish sketching out the puffy cheeks and then add some definition lines to show the breast shape as well as the wing separation. Once that is done sketch out or draw a bottom line for the belly of your baby chic. See how easy it is to draw    


You will finish sketching out the legs and then the cute feet. Each foot should have three toes on each and don't forget to include the nails. Once that is done you can begin erasing all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one to clean up   


Here is what your drawing looks like when you are all done. You can choose a color to color in your cute chic, and you have now finished this tutorial on "how to draw baby animals step by step".

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November 30, 2009

Description: I am so excited to be submitting this next tutorial. I know I have a bunch of lessons that teach you how to draw animals in all shapes, sizes, and forms. Whether it be cartoon animals, or a simple chibi or anime animals, drawing these different beings from nature really do keep the pencil on the paper. I will take a bit of a different approach today and submit a teaching on “how to draw baby animals step by step”. Drawing baby animals is by far one of the neatest and coolest things to spend your time on. Any form of baby animal can be drawn to look incredibly cute, or insanely hideous. For me, I like to draw animals as real looking, and as simple as possible. The baby animal that I have used to make this tutorial on is a chic. Chics are America's favorite baby animal and I guess it's because they are incredibly cute. Chics are also animals that are given as presents during the Easter season, as well as baby ducks or ducklings. I personally think that chics and ducklings are wicked cute baby animals, and they are also very similar in appearance. The baby animal that you will learn how to draw should be simple enough for even a novice artist to tackle. The legs are thick and the body is starky. Whenever you draw a starky build animal, it is way more easier to replicate than a slender one. Simply because chubby or stout animals have a more rounder image and make up. All in all I think everyone will have fun leaning “how to draw baby animals step by step”. I will meet you all here later so that you can join me again for more drawing fun!

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