How to Draw a Baby Chick

Artist: MaskedGuardian / October 9, 2010
How to Draw a Baby Chick

Step 1.

First a bit of structure. The head consists of just a circle. It's a good idea to draw intersecting lines to mark where the chick is facing, and to help with drawing the face. The body is made with an egg-shaped oval. We won't give it any sort of   

Step 2.

Next is the face itself. Big eyes make the chick look younger. Also, very important, make sure you make the beak nice and pointy and straight. Ducklings have long, flat, round beaks. Chicks have short pointy beaks.

Step 3.

Here we're just adding a bit of detail to the face - mainly adding some shine to the eyes, and nostrils to the beak. Shiny eyes make the chick look cute!

Step 4.

Chicks are really little fuzzballs - they have no feathers yet. So now we'll add a bit of fluff to the little guy. Remember that hair takes a bit of practice to get down. The best thing to do is to just keep drawing, and eventually you will begin    

Step 5.

One last thing, and that's the feet! A chick's feet, unlike a duckling's, aren't webbed - this is one more thing that sets the two apart. Make sure the legs aren't too long either.

Step 6.

There is no step 6! We're done! :D If your chick didn't turn out how you wanted, remember that it takes practice to get drawing something down. If it did turn out how you wanted, then keep going! Two chicks are cuter than one, and three are cuter    

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Artist: MaskedGuardian
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Description: There's no doubt about it, chicks are just plain adorable. And now you'll be able to draw one! This tutorial will give you a good idea of how to draw a baby chick. More importantly, it will tell you a couple differences between a chick and a duckling, as it can be difficult when first drawing them to differentiate between the two.