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How Too Draw A Baby Penguin

Artist: VampireAnya / February 18, 2010
How Too Draw A Baby Penguin

Step 1.

Firstly, draw a slightly squashed circle for the head. Add a bottle shape for the large body. Sketch the left wing shape, ensuring it overlaps the body. Draw the right wing in line with the left. Then you will sketch paddle shapes on an angle for th   

Step 2.

Next, Define and smooth the outline of the form. Draw details for the tail, stomach and claws. Then draw a beak halfway down the right side of the head, pointing out to the right. Add a half circle on a slight angle for the eye.

Step 3.

Darken the chick's outline. With a clean eraser, rub out any unnecessary line work inside the body. Using a medium pressure with the pencil, shade a mid-grey tone around the head and the right wing. Shade the beak in a lighter tone. Apply soft line w   

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Artist: VampireAnya
Date Added: February 18, 2010
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Description: Hey! This Tutorial Explains How Too Draw A Baby Penguin Step By Step. It's Quite Easy Once You Know How. Enjoy! VampireAnya