How to Draw a Baby Giraffe

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Drawing a baby giraffe is easy if you follow the steps and instructions you see here. Start with a circle for the head and then add the facial guidelines. You will then draw the shape of the baby giraffes muzzle and then draw the neck line, as well a   


Start sketching out the shape of the face and then the rest of the head. Once that is done you can add a smile to this young lad and then draw the shape of the right rounded ear as you see here. Lastly draw the baby giraffes horn, and then move to st   


Finish sketching the other ear and horn, and then start sketching in the baby giraffes markings. When that is done you can draw the shape of the eyes, and then the pupils. Add nostril holes and then sketch in some minor detailing and definition.


Now that the head is taken care of you will now sketch out the first front leg and hoof for the baby giraffe. Again, sketch in some marking lines and then sketch that little fuzz just above the hooves. Before you go start the lining for the right leg   


You are already almost done with this tutorial. All you have to do now is sketch out the tail and tail tipped hair, and then draw the back leg and hoof, as well as the baby giraffe's marking lines and or shapes.


Finish sketching out the shape of the neck and then draw the rest of the hind leg. Once done you can also draw the rest of the markings, and then add a little hair on the back of the neck which happens to be their manes. Erase all the guidelines and    


You have just learned "how to draw a baby giraffe step by step". Color him in and you are all done.

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November 21, 2009

Description: Drawing baby animals is a fun way to create your own unique looking young mammal that can either be as cute as a button, or ugly as dirt. I wanted to submit another requested drawing by a member on the site. This member asked if I could do a lesson that teaches you "how to draw a baby giraffe step by step". Now naturally I have to jump onto of this kind of request because as some of you may know, I love drawing animals. I could go on for days drawing different types of animals whether they are in their adult form, or infant stage. I had so much fun sketching out this baby giraffe, and I definitely know you guys will love this tutorial too. The eyes, mouth and body of this baby giraffe makes him/her all the more delightful looking. Did you know that both male and female giraffes have long lustrous eyelashes? It's true all three types of giraffe, male, female, and young, have long eyelashes. These lashes help protect their eyes from debris that may irritate, or infect the eyes. When a baby giraffe is born, it has to drop five feet to the ground before getting up to stand. Isn't that amazing? Giraffes are pretty, loving, and absolutely wonderful. I hope you have fun with this tutorial that teaches you how to draw a baby giraffe step by step". Peace out my compadres, and happy drawing!

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