How to Draw Cerberus

Artist: Dawn / July 24, 2008

Step 1.

In this step we're going to draw a large ball for a start. This will be the base of the whole body. Next is to draw three circles for the three heads. Add the guidelines as shown. These are used to draw the face with ease. I use these guidelines all    

Step 2.

In this step we're going to add some little details in the Cerberus's body and head. What were gonna do is add some eyes and ears to the faces of the dog heads. As you all know the way to kill a Cerberus is to destroy the middle head. If you do this    

Step 3.

In this step we will continue to add some useful details into the massive beast. Add the folds of skin on the snout of it too. This makes your dog heads seem like its snarling and ready to snap at you! Add those lines for the ears as well. For each o   

Step 4.

In this step we will start adding the claws to the paws. We will also add some lines to define muscle definition. Add some lines to define bones around the rib area too. This will make the beast look like its decaying. Add some boniness to the back o   

Step 5.

In this step we are going to start adding some details to the rib area. In this part we have to make the organs inside of the ribcage area. This is where the muscle starts to overlap like pieces over the rib area. We all know that we don't have bare    

Step 6.

Well everyone, this is the completed and awesome product of the hound of hell with three heads!! About time we are now finished. This tutorial took me forever to complete to make it easy enough for you Dragoart fans :D I tried to make the lines clean   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: July 24, 2008
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Description: Hello DragoArt members! Today we will be learning "how to draw Cerberus, step by step" which is a mythical beast. The Cerberus we’re drawing is really bloody and gory so mind you on the graphic content. It took me hours on drawing yet alone the coloring for the beast. I drew the Cerberus for a user who requested it. I’m thinking to myself, I thought I already had one of these creatures. So I double checked on my website to see if there was any and to my surprise there wasn’t. I guess I forgot I didn’t have one of these because I’m so busy and shifted from the workloads I have. I mean everyday I have to complete at least three tutorials to keep the site updated and fun for everyone. I still didn’t finish the image for the game character Nariko from Heavenly Swords up yet *dies*. So later on after I do three more tutorials I have to finish her too. I had with Cerberus. The beast first started out as three sketches. I looked at different references of dogs with open and snarled noses to get the faces realistic and right. So I looked at the three sketches I have done and decided the gory one was perfect. The first sketch was a Cerberus from the front view. I must say this sketch was pretty retarded and ugly. The second one was Cerberus standing up and attacking a person. I thought this one was ridiculous looking because of its small hind-legs. So I came across the third Cerberus and decided it was just right. I mean it was all gory and hellish so therefore I continued to flourish the image to completion. So, on my attempt on coloring it, the first coloring job was white and visible to its red muscle matter. But I didn’t like it because it looked too white and ‘blah’. So I did another coloring attempt. This one was just right. It was a black reddish color and tinted with some orangey yellow from the magma arising from beneath it. So onto the process of shading it, it came out pretty good. I tried to bring out the skin tearing and stretching from the creases of the three heads. So that turned out pretty good. And then I had to shade the bone definition around the tail and rib area. So at that moment the shading was awesome. So then I continued to the highlighting. As you can see the highlighting came out awesome as well. So I was finished with that. At first I thought I was done. So I went to sleep. So I got up today and realized, “If this is a hell hound from hell, it should have some bloodiness to it just like the characters from “Hellraiser”. So I agreed to my thoughts and did tons of attempts to make realistic looking blood. I came out with amazing results. So now I’m pretty much done. So now I’ll give you a short biography on the three headed dog Cerberus. You may or may not know that this three headed beast is a Greek mythological creature. It’s the guardian of the underworld. Basically its Hades’s monstrously evil pet. As you can see in the image I tried to symbolize an ‘underworld’ by making magma and spirits all around the beast. My imitation of hell is fire and lava (obviously) XD. I drew this beast in Photoshop CS3 and used a Wacom Intuos3 tablet. The total time taken for drawing Cerberus was four hours. Two hours for the line art and two hours for the coloring. So now, I must leave you young…*coughs* old learners and prepare for my other epic tutorials! XD, peace out ya’ll lol…=3