How to Draw Sexy Eyes

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Okay just start this step on how to draw sexy eyes with a few guidelines. Draw two vertical lines and then twp horizontal lines.


Now you will sketch out the eyebrows and then color them in. Next draw out the lid of the eyes which will also hold the eyelashes, and then the top of the eye where you will be placing the eye shadow at.


You will now begin drawing the bottom eyelid and then the shape of the eyeball. Once that is complete you will darken your lines to resemble black liner. Next I drew a piece of straight hair hanging in front of her face so you can do the same if you    


Here is your last drawing step. What you will do now is sketch out the eyelashes and then color in the pupils as you see here. Add more pieces of hair on the sides of the hidden face and then you can begin erasing all the guidelines that you drew in    


Here are what your seductive eyes should look like when you are done. Just choose a color pallet and begin shading in your nice looking eyes. That will do it for this tutorial on "how to draw sexy eyes" step by step.

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July 2, 2009

Description: Here is a nice lesson on "how to draw sexy eyes" step by step. There is so many eye tutorials out there nowadays but there is no good ones on sexy eyes. I got a request from a girl like three weeks ago for a lesson on these types of eyes. I drew them to look a bit slanted and to look like bedroom eyes. The phrase “bedroom eyes” means sexy, sexual, sensual, and inviting. Inviting eyes are the best eyes because they make a girl look irresistible. The tutorial is very easy and basic, the only thing that makes these eyes sexy, is the way they are positioned. Another words, the top lid is a bit down and the eyes look right up at you. I hope you enjoy this lesson on “how to draw eyes, step by step”. I had an awesome time drawing them live and I know that you all will utilize these eyes on some of your favorite faces and even concept characters. Have fun and keep on drawing.

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