How to Draw Agent P from Phineas and Ferb

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Agent P is very easy to draw. All you have to do is make some guidelines and shapes starting with the shape of P's head. Once that is done you can add the facial guidelines and then the lines of motion for the body itself. Draw another circle for the   


Here in step two you will start sketching out the shape and style of Agent P's hat and then start drawing out the beginning lines to form the right side of his platypus body. You will then add eye lines and then the beak.


Okay now start drawing out the shape of P's eyes and then draw out the beak shape. You will also finish drawing the body of Agent P and then draw the crotch line for him as well.


Well here is your last drawing step and all you need to do now is draw out and color in his eyes and then finish sketching out the arms, legs, and duck like feet. Next and lastly draw out the big squared tail as well. Erase all the guidelines and sha   


Well here you have it. This is what your drawing should look like when you have finished this lesson on how to draw Agent P from Phineas and Ferb step by step. Color him in and you are all done. See how easy and fast that was? Sweet!

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July 2, 2009

Description: Well here he is, the character you have all been waiting for. I am going to finally fulfill the tutorial request on "how to draw Agent P" from Phineas and Ferb step by step. I already have a lesson on Perry the Platypus, but after I submitted him I was getting all kinds of e-mails asking me to do another tutorial that shows him in his secret agent form. As I said in the previous tutorial on Perry, he is the pet to Phineas and Ferb but they have no idea that their loving pet is a secret agent, or that he is able to talk and walk on just his hind legs. When I used to watch the show, Agent P was one of my favorite characters. He was always so funny whenever he would go undercover. As you fans of Phineas and Ferb know, Perry works under the order of Major Monogram and his objectives almost always have something to do with the mad scientist Dr. Doofenshmirtz. I think it’s great the way they set up this animated cartoon series and I think the show will be around for a while. I hope you guys will learn from this tutorial on “how to draw Agent P from Phineas and Ferb step by step". It sure was fun drawing him out. Okay well, I gotta go once again but I shall return. Have fun and I’ll be on at six!

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