How to Draw Angelina Jolie

How to Draw Angelina Jolie
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Start with a perfect oval shape. This will be the lining of her face.


Then make two smaller oval shapes that have a bit of a slant to them. This is the lining of her catty looking eyes. After that make a long triangle shape this is the lining for her sleek looking nose.


We move on now to forming the lines for her eye brows and mouth. Her brows have a nice arch to them, so be sure to arch your lines for the brows. Next her mouth lines she has full lips, this means the shape of the mouth will seem large.


Now we can start detailing and adding more shape to the lines we previously made. with the eyes make her lids and eye balls. Then move down to give her nose a more realistic shape. Make another lining above her brows to form her nicely shaped eye bro   


Clean up your sketch a bit by removing some lines around the eyes. Make indents under her eyes and place some soft strokes for eye lashes. Don't forget the dent line above her top lip.


We can start to add her pupils and the actual shape of her face. She has a square lined jaw, so be sure to emphasize that as well


Now were going to add her ears, neck and lip lining. You also want to detail her eyes more. Remember Angelina Jolie has bedroom eyes try to express that in this sketch.


This part is easy. Start at the top of the head and just make curved lines for the appearance of her hair being combed back. let the end at the temple part of her face then draw straight lines flowing down with some swerve and body.


Congratulations you did it! the last thing you need to do is clean up all your lines add a bit more and add more detail to her hair and neck. Color her pupils in and give them a glossy look by using your shading skills. Look at that! Doesn't she loo   

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December 13, 2007

This tutorial will show you how to draw Angelina Jolie step by step. Angelina Jolie is a Hollywood actress. Everyone knows her for being married to Brad Pitt, and featured films like Lara Croft:Tomb Raider, Mr. and Mrs. Smith etc..In this tutorial you need a sketch pad, pencil and a soft eraser. Angie's face is very soft and has details that need extra finesse. In this tutorial we'll show you how to draw her flawless looking face. There is no need to worry about making lines for wrinkles. In some sketching when drawing a human,you have to draw wrinkle lines for different types of faces. Keep the lining bold to emphasize her unique look, paying close attention to her lips, eyes, and nose. In this sketch I will show you the easiest way to draw her face with ease. I am proud of this sketch it is a nice replica of Angelina Jolie.

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