How to Draw an Electric Guitar

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This is step one and in this step you will draw the frame work of a basic electric guitar. Since this is a 24 fret guitar the neck is long. The fewer the frets the shorter the neck. After you draw the neck draw the lower cavity of the guitar before m   


In this step make sure you take your time drawing all six lines starting from the bridge of the guitar all the way to the top of the neck. But before you draw the strings what you actually do is draw the frets first. You can't have the frets over lap   


After the time consuming step 2, here you will be focusing on the two floyd rose bridges that are just a pair of simple rectangles. The best thing to do is enlarge the image to see the details that need to be sketched in before you move to step 4. Do   


In this step you will notice that the skull and bones are high lighted to draw next, but the fact is you should actually do this very carefully because you have the strings already set in place. If you don't want to take the chance of drawing them in   


Here is what your sketch should look like when you are done. As you can see it looks awesome and totally rad. Color it in and I'll see ya later.

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January 29, 2008

Description: Kirk Hammett is a well known band member of Metallica. He joined the band after Dave Mustaine left in 1983. Before joining the band in 83, he created the band Exodus that was a thrash metal band in the Bay Area. He was labeled as one of the greatest guitarist of all time and was put into Guitar Worlds hall of fame in 2002. Kirk Hammett earned a reputation for being a guitarist that uses his wah-wah pedal quite extensively in all his guitar solos. He said that using the pedal brings out his personality and would never stop using it. His signature guitar in all his touring gigs is the ESP KH-2 that is modified to his specifications of course. He named this guitar skully because of the skull decal on the neck of the instrument. The ESP KH-2 that I sketched is a limited edition Kirk Hammett signature series electric guitar which is an M-II deluxe loaded with EMG-81 pick-ups, a 24 fret fingerboard, Floyd rose locking bridge, the neck shape is extra thin and all black design with the skull and bones on the rosewood neck. This guitar is a bad piece of machinery. I went to a Metallica concert and heard the ESP in action and it sounded simply beautiful. I’ve been a fan of Metallica up until the Black album, after that they became to commercial for me. Now I just listen to old CDs and concert DVDs to remind me how great they were. The only thing I have to figure out is who is better Slash or Kirk? I think Slash is a better guitarist. I had fun sketching out the ESP model. I show you "how to draw an electric guitar", step by step. The instructions are simple and easy to read as an online guide.

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