How to Draw a Guitar with Wings

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Okay I know that this looks nothing like a flying guitar but you will see the transformation soon. I want you to draw one circle at the bottom of your paper and then draw a long vertical line. Next draw two long curved in lines for the wings and then   


okay now you will draw more curved lines for the wings and then start sketching out the neck of the guitar. Once that is done you will move onto the next step.


Okay now all those lines that you drew out for the wings will come into good use now. You can start sketching out the feathers for the wings the way you see them here. Remember the feathers are bold looking so that even a novice artist can draw them    


Okay now that the frame and or body of the guitar is drawn you can now draw the six vertical lines for the guitar strings. Next draw the tunning keys and then the pick-up at the bottom. The last thing to do is draw out the plastic body detail as well   


You will start drawing out all the frets in the guitars neck and then detail the pick-up. Next draw out more detailing on the feathers in the middle of teh wings and then you can move down to the next step.


I wanted my guitar to have some kind of flames to it. Draw the flames on the bottom of the guitar and then draw out the rest of the pick-ups and then draw the small circles for the knobs and the plug input for the electric cord. Draw out the rest of    


This is your last drawing step and as you can see all you have to do is add a few more detailing lines and shapes. erase all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one and move to your last line art step.


Here is what your flying guitar should look like when you are done. All you need to do now is add some good colors to make it pop out. I hope you liked this lesson on "how to draw a guitar with wings" step by step.

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July 2, 2009

Description: I hope you all have been enjoying the new lessons that I have been putting up recently, I think they are all fabulous. For my next tutorial I am going to show you "how to draw a guitar with wings step by step". What made me want to do such a tutorial you ask? Well for starters, two days ago I watched a movie called “La Bamba” and it was about an American musician/singer that was of Mexican descent who dreamed about becoming a famous guitarist and performer one day. His name was Ritchie Valens and the movie was really warm and heart felt. When he started off trying to get recognized, his mother, brother, and ex-girlfriend thought up of a name to do some advertising with and they had a slogan that read “Richard Valenzuela and his flying guitar”. I liked the posters that his artistic brother drew for him to promote the biog concert he was going to have, and that is where I got the idea for a guitar with wings or a flying guitar. I love guitars and I love listening to them being played live in front of me whether it be from my dad or one of my uncles. I guess you can say that I grew up exposed to all kinds of music and I find that the guitar is one of my favorite. The guitar that I am showing you how to draw in this lesson is very, very basic. I didn’t want to make the lesson too complex because I know that many of you love drawing guitars and wings. The wings are also drawn in a way that makes them look bulky and easy to draw. I hope you guys like this lesson on how to draw a guitar with wings step by step. You can color your finished art any shade you like that is totally up to you. Peace out and happy drawing people!

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