How To Draw A Gun

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In this step you have to sketch out the hand gun using a steady hand and a good eye. Take your time and start at the very top and draw a straight line to the back of the gun. From the back start sketching your way down drawing the butt where your han   


In this step you will be detailing the definition of glock 9. You can start anywhere you want, but I usually start in the middle since it is a straight line that is the length of the gun. The best thing for you to do so you can the specific detail is   


This is a short step that evolves more detailing. This time you will be sketching out horizontal lines on the back of the unit. These lines are for easy gripping action. After you draw that out move to the barrel and sketch in a few more lines to de   


Right now, we are on the fourth step. In this step we will start to sketch in some more details of the Glock. Make sure you use a ruler to get the lines perfectly straight. I used a ruler on my tablet to make them straight. I can't wait to finish thi   


Ok peeps, this is pretty much the last step until the finished lineart. For now, focus on the grip details of the gun. This is very important because it keeps the gun in your hand without sliding. Imagine a slippery gun? I bet you'd miss your targets   


This is the last step. After you complete your sketch, erase any pencil lines that may have accidentally scratched the pad. You will need to use some basic shading technique to finish off the sketch. After you are don you should have a drawing that l   

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January 30, 2008

Description: This Austrian designed handgun has been in service since 1980. The Austrian company “Glock GmbH” was founded in 1963 by Gaston Glock. His goal was to manufacture high powered semi-automatic hand guns. The Glock 17 9mm is one of the pistols developed by this company. Glock won a bid for a contract by the Austrian military to replace the old WWII P38 pistol with the Glock 17 model. It was then later in the service of the A.M and police forces by 1982, after being adapted by Austria’s forces; it later was serviced with Norwegian, Swedish, and Dutch armed forces as well. Through the years it has sold over 300,000 models to over 45 countries, 250,000 of them were sales from the United States. The Glock 9 is a well known and identifiable hand gun by most adults and is often used in many television and movie productions. The United States FBI are issued Glock 22s or 23s depending the preference by the agent, and the Glock 17 is still sometimes issued to agents that need to carry out certain assignments overseas. The specs on this high powered and easy to use hand gun are impressive for a compact unit. It holds a 9mm cartridge, and is 7.32 inches long with a barrel length of 4.49in. Depending on the model the magazine capacity can either be 10-17 rounds. When fully loaded it almost weighs 10oz, and on an empty chamber it weighs close to 3oz. This weapon was built to be quick and easy to use, with a durability to withstand all sorts of abuse. You also hear the term Glock 9 in a lot hip hop and rap songs by various artists. If you stop and think about it the 9mm has gained popularity over the past 15 years and can be seen on the hips of police department officers world wide. I personally think that this hand gun will be around for many years to come. When learning how to sketch out and draw the Glock 17 9mm hand gun, remember don’t rush take your time and be prepared. All you will need is a good lead pencil, a clean sheet of sketching paper and maybe an extra eraser. Also if you are not good with drawing straight lines you can use a ruler to help keep your hand steady. I did make the step by step instructions easy to read and follow. If you have anything to say or would like me to ad something post me a comment and I will respond. Learn how to draw a gun step by step."

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