How to Draw a Dinosaur Skeleton, Dinosaur Skeleton


The first thing we will do is draw out the framework for our dinosaur skeleton. Start with a shape for the head, and then draw out the neck, torso, and rest of the body guides which is the long spine and tail, as well as the leg.


The first thing you will do here is draw out the dinosaur's skull and lower jaw bone or mandible like you see here. You can do this by using the shape you drew in step one. Next, draw the neck bones which are also called the vertebra.


You will now draw in the hollow sockets where the eye, nose, and brain would have been if this t-rex where alive. Next, fill the jaws with some massive sharp teeth like so, and sketch in some of the detailing. Add the lining that will separate each n   


Now you will draw in the shoulder bones which is also connected to the arm, elbow joints, forearm, and small talons or hands. Take your time so you can draw each bone properly as well as add in those minor details.


When you tackle this step you will be drawing the spine or back bones along with the rib bones. This is the chest cavity for the T-Rex and as you can imagine, these dinosaurs where massive.


Let's now draw out the pubis, and hip bones as well as the thigh and lower leg bones. Here is where you will need to take your time so be patient as you tackle this step.


The first bone you will draw here is the pubis bone and that is the small shard that looks like its protruding through the knee cap. Next, draw the longer shard of bone which is located under the pelvic bone. This strand looking bone is called the is   


For the last step all you have to do is draw the long tail, as well as all the vertebra that is connected to each other. Take your time so you can have a nicely aligned bone structure. Erase the mistakes you made and clean up the guides.


Once you are all done you should have yourself a nicely drawn dinosaur skeleton like you see here. Use it to your disposal and that's it.

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January 20, 2012

Description: Going back to my younger years I tried to think of one thing that I always wanted to draw but never knew how to proceed with a task that was so complex to me. Since I severely used to be into anything related to dinosaurs, I often found myself trying to draw fossils, and bones that belonged to these great reptiles of the past. I tried a couple of times to replicate on paper of what a skeleton from a tyrannosaurus rex would look like, but since the T-Rex is so darn detailed and big, the idea to make the bones of the dinosaur species was a distant memory. Now, the idea for this tutorial came to me when my sister brought home some homework that required her to draw her very own dinosaur skeleton and have a human figure showing the size scale as to how big these reptiles where. Needless to say she had a very difficult time creating her own version of a T-Rex in a bone display. She came to me in tears asking for my help and like a good sister, I opted to stop what I was doing to help her create one of the best drawing for her homework assignment ever. Today, I will be showing you all what I taught my eight year old sister, "how to draw a dinosaur skeleton", step by step. Since the species we drew was a tyrannosaurus rex, which is what this dinosaur will be. I advise you guys to take your time if you decide to tackle this lesson, you should be prepared for a lengthy process because you will be drawing the skeletal structure of the tyrannosaurus rex. I hope you find this tutorial helpful as well as exciting. Adios people and enjoy your drawing day!

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