How to Draw a Zombie Werewolf, Zombie Werewolf


Begin with a couple circles, one for the head and another for the torso. Draw in the guide for the neck, shoulder and arm.


Begin sketching out the front part of the head which is also he forehead, and then draw in some of the snarling snout. Add the beginning eye line and move to step three.


You will pretty much finish the face and head by sketching out the cheek and jaw line. Once that is done, draw in the chin and be sure its hairy, and then draw in the large pointed ears which is a bit torn. Sketch in the nose, eye, and draw in all of   


Great, lets move along to sketching out the body. Start with the back of the neck, and then sketch in the shoulders, muscular arms and then draw in the torso, waist, and hips. Sketch in detailing to the chest and arms, and then move to step five.


Instead of drawing more of the werewolves body, you will first sketch in the some of the ribs and more of the bodily tissue that is peeking through in there. Draw the cut line from the wound to the crotch, and then sketch in some of the cuts, gashes,   


Next, sketch in the massive hands and or claws, and be sure to add detailing like the veins, and scuffs on the hands too.


You are almost done guys, lets get the left leg and foot drawn out in a very detailed manner. Draw in the two toes to appear large, and a bit oversized. Add some detailing and definition before proceeding.


Sketch out the last leg and clawed foot like so, and then add detailing as well. You might want to clean up the drawing because you still have to color in this zombie.


Draw out the large bushy tail, and then you are all done. You already cleaned up the werewolf so all you have to do now is add some tweaks and last minute detailing.


You are all done guys, I told you this tutorial looked harder than it really was. Color in your work of art and you are all done for real.

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September 24, 2011

Description: Well guys, I thought I would start upload one of the best tutorials I made yesterday and if you were some of the folks that joined me for Live yesterday, than you already know that I will be showing you "how to draw a zombie werewolf", step by step. Like with the unicorn, I decided to omit the spilling of the guts and replace it with some ribbed tissue that exposes some of the ribcage. There is also some gashes and chunks of meat torn from the legs, shoulders, chest, and a little on the face. The reason why I decided to not spill out this zombie werewolf guts is because I know how strong and powerful the werewolf is, which means something or someone would have to be as strong or stronger in order to rip its stomach apart and expose the guts and intestines. The overall lesson complexity is probably going to be easier than the image looks. If you are looking to draw just a simple werewolf, all you have to do is just visit the werewolf section and there you will find what you’re looking for. I guess you can call this the end of the description because I’m not going to ramble on about another werewolf if I don’t have to. I’ll just let the tutorial speak for itself. Well, have fun drawing a zombie werewolf and be sure to submit your finished drawing so everyone, including me can see how you did. Adios people!

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