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How to draw a winged heart

Artist: AngleDynomite / August 5, 2014
How to draw a winged heart

Step 1.

Ok so just draw a regular heart shape.

Step 2.

Then add a small sort of rectangular shape to the left side of the heart.

Step 3.

Now, draw 2 sort of lines that come out of the 2 top sides of the heart. Next do the same On the bottom of the hheart but make them longer and curved at the ends

Step 4.

Then draw some curved dome shapes on the end of the line and carry on until you reach the bottom on each side. There should be 7 domes on each side. And that completes the wings

Step 5.

Now add color. There you have it! Add diffrent things to it if you want to make it unique! Let me know how your drawing turned out! Have fun! Peace out!!

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Artist: AngleDynomite
Date Added: August 5, 2014
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Tags: how to draw a body
Description: Hi guys I decided to do a tutorial on how to draw a anime manga school girl, here it is! Have fun !Peace out!