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How to draw arrow heart

Artist: AngleDynomite / August 4, 2014
How to draw arrow heart

Step 1.

1. I'm gona use a black marker but you can use pencil if you want. Ok so draw a heart making sure both the sides are symmetrical.

Step 2.

2. Now draw 2 short lines that are diagonal but they are symmetrical.

Step 3.

3. At the line On the right draw a small arrow On the end of the line

Step 4.

4. Now on the other line (left) draw 2 diagonal rectangles on either side

Step 5.

5. There you have it! Have fun!!

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Artist: AngleDynomite
Date Added: August 4, 2014
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Description: Hi I've decided to do something simple, so here it is, my arrow heart. Enjoy! Peace out!!