How to Draw a Voodoo Doll


Start with making some simple circles for the head and torso, then draw out the arms.


Next, define the shape of the head, then proceed to step three.


Here is where you will use the facial guidelines to draw in the buttons for eyes, and the long sewn up stitch that flows vertically down the middle of the face. sketch in a mouth with stitch holes and proceed to the next step.


Here you will add some hair on top of the head. You will then draw a simple pin which is piercing the head.


Define the shape of the voodoo doll's torso and legs like so, then you can move along to step six.


Almost done folks. You will simply draw the arms and add the seam lines on the ends of the legs and arms.


And lastly, take your time as you will need to draw in the seam lines and stitches throughout the dolls body. As you know voodoo dolls are put together which means the limbs and everything have sewn stitch lines everywhere. Erase your mistakes when y   


That's it, you are all done now you can begin coloring in your drawing.

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August 22, 2013

Description: So I know I did one of these dolls before but I thought it would be nice to remake another in a different and easier form. Today I will start the day by showing you "how to draw a voodoo doll", step by step. Voodoo dolls are as you know vessels for folks who practice witchcraft to inflict pain, spells, and other remedies to other people without even touching them or saying one word. I didn't want my interpretation of a voodoo doll to look creepy so I went ahead and made it look more like a stuffed toy than anything else. I think that once you begin tackling this lesson, your own personal touches will come out and something will be created thats all your own. Anyways, have fun with drawing voodoo dolls with this tut. I will be back later today with some fresh lessons to keep you all entertained. Peace out and enjoy.

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