How to Draw a Dummy, Ventriloquist Doll

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Start off by making a circle for the head and then add the outline for the shoulders. You will then sketch in the facial guidelines as well as the torso guide.


Next, sketch out the shape of the dummy's face like so. As you can see it is a bit wide.


Draw out the eye shapes like so, then the sides of the nose which are the nostrils. You will also need to draw the top lip and make sure that it is defined.


Here you will complete the face by drawing the thin arched eyebrows, then draw in the eyeballs, rest of the dummy's nose, then draw the jaw. Add those seam lines along the sides of the jaw because the jaw moves up and down. Also give this dummy some    


Continue with sketching out the shape of the head and be sure to add the swirls on the hair as well which is also the curls. Don't forget to draw the ears too.


And for the last drawing step you will sketch out the shape of the dummy's neck followed by the collar from the shirt, and the flaps from the tuxedo jacket. Draw the bow tie and add the rest of the details. Erase the mistakes too folks.


Here is how your dummy comes out looking when you are all done. Now just choose some colors to bring this dummy to life.

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August 28, 2013

Description: How many times have you wondered how to recreate those creepy Ventriloquist dolls from cult horror movies? I know I have always wanted to do a tutorial on "how to draw a dummy", but I never got around to it until today. I can't believe that I have never made a lesson on this object before. Ventriloquism is a skill that takes a lot of discipline, dedication and focus, almost like drawing. The dummy in this lesson is actually an inspirational piece from the movie Dead Silence'. I think the dummy in that movie is so incredibly creepy, and also very awesome at the same time. Drawing a ventriloquist doll shouldn't be too complex, all you have to do is follow the steps and take your time. Remember drawing dolls isn't hard, its when you add detailing that makes a task complicated. Enjoy folks and remember to leave some feedback either about the doll, or if you have also seen Dead Silence.

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