How to Draw a Couatl

How to Draw a Couatl
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First you draw sort of an s with a circle at the top end. You put two slanted lines on one end of the circle (honestly, it doesnt matter). Draw two upside-down and backwards Ls (wings).


Draw a curve at the end of the bigger L and draw another slightly larger S next to the original one. make a sort of mouth shape around the slanted lines then erase them (not the mouth shape!). Leave the circle.


Add feathers like i did to the big wing and connect the small s to the head. Erase the circle.


Make a feathery tail and make an eye. make a triangular snake-like pupil. add teeth and a tongue. add feathers to the other wing and your pretty much done!


Add little lines of detail to show you where to color darker when you color.


Color in how ever you want.

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July 31, 2009

This is my second tutorial. It is how to draw a coutl (no one seems to know about it). It is in six steps (DUH). What else can I say..... would it go in greek mythology?

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