How to Draw a Simple Christmas Wreath

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Start this step with a large circle and draw another circle in the middle as your hole. At this point your image should look like a donut.


Next start drawing in the wreath leaves at the top and then another egg shaped circle in the middle of the wreath shape. You can also add the beginning lining of the ribbon that hangs from the bow as well.


You will now take this step and start sketching out all the wreath leaves or hair that are around the outside of the circle shape as well as on the inside. When you are done with that you can them draw a guideline for the bow which is a big "+" sign.   


Detail the thick part of the wreath with small branch or hair shapes. You will then follow the guidelines to draw out your bow as shown to you here in this step.


In this last drawing step you are now gonna add the berry circles, there are three berries to a bunch. After you do that detail the bow with crease lines and then you are ready to erase all the guidelines that you drew in step one.


When you are done with your drawing you should end up with something like the one you see here. All you have to do is take a red and green crayon, marker, or colored pencil and color your drawing in. That is it you are done with this tutorial on how    

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September 21, 2008

Description: Who is ready for another holiday tutorial? I promise after this one there is only going to be one more. But for now with my fourth I will show you how to draw a simple Christmas wreath. These wreaths are widely seen on the front doors of homes, on the grills of automobiles, attached to garland on the front of porches and many, many more areas. Christmas wreaths are nothing more than bunched up pine branches that are weaved together in a circular shape. They are sold plain with no décor or you can buy them already decorated with a big red bow, and Christmas bells. They even come with red berries (which are not real of course) or mistletoe as well. Here at my house we like to buy the plain Christmas wreaths so we can decorate them ourselves. Since I’m getting much older I usually don’t participate in such events because I’m not into it as I once was as a child. I leave that duty up to my baby sister and my other two younger brother and sister. These wreaths also come in fake form as well and they can be bought at any grocery or department store. If you buy Christmas wreaths that are real they also give off a nice smelling pine scent that can be smelt from the inside even though the wreath is hung on the outside. Christmas is a warm and happy holiday and everyone just seems to be a lot nicer during the winter season. This tutorial will show you how to draw a simple Christmas wreath step by step. I even included the bow too. I am gonna skedaddle right now but I will be back in a bit with my last online drawing tutorial for the day. Peace out and tho shall return.

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