How to Draw the Star of David, Star of Bethlehem

Artist: Dawn / September 21, 2008

Step 1.

Okay this is a real simple first step. All you have to do is draw a long straight line down the middle of your drawing paper. Next draw another two straight lines that go across, one on the top and one on the bottom.

Step 2.

The next thing you will do is draw a martini glass shape in each squared middle box as you see here. The martini glass shape is draw n twice so you end up with an hour glass shape without the curve. On the middle line in the bottom box, draw a big "V   

Step 3.

Now here in this next step you will first draw out the point on the top box and draw an inline on the inside. Then you will go to the left and inline the top and bottom of the shapes you drew in step one. Repeat this step in the right box as well. Yo   

Step 4.

This is the last drawing step all you do here is finish off the lining as shown to you in the image you see here. All the lines are straight and horizontal. You can then erase all the guidelines that you drew in step one so that you come out with a s   

Step 5.

And here you have it. After you've cleaned up your drawing, your star should come out looking like the one you see here. This was a very simple task, and if you wanted you could even make it simpler by just drawing two triangles one on top of the oth   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: September 21, 2008
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Description: This next tutorial is going to be on a well known symbol that has been associated to Christmas and religion. Today you will be learning how to draw the Star of David or Star of Bethlehem. This star is shaped like two triangles, one is erect and one is upside down and they both lay on each other. Combined they form the shape of a star or in other words it is a hexagram. Of course as we look at this symbol automatically you think of the Jewish faith. That is because this star is in fact a recognized symbol of Jewish identity and Judaism. The Star of David is named after King David of ancient Israel. In 1948 this star was placed on a flag and has since become the flag of Israel. But that is not all, as you may or may not know the symbol is used in many different cultures and has many different meanings. The symbol is also used by Zionism as well. In Kabbalah, the Star of David symbolizes the six directions of space plus the center; up, down, east, west, south, north, and then the center. There are many more religions that use this particular star symbol as part of their beliefs. Another name for the Star of David is The Star of Bethlehem or Christmas star. In Christian religion this star is what aided the three wise men or three kings to the newborn baby Jesus. Now in the Gospel of Matthew these three men "from the east" were drawn to the star and set out to travel to Jerusalem in search of a king of the Jews as prophesied. Either way you look at it, this particular Star has special meaning to a lot of cultures and religions. This tutorial will show you how to draw the Star of David or Star of Bethlehem step by step. The instructions are super easy which makes this tutorial a breeze to accomplish. I will be back with more online drawing fun in a bit. Until then stick around and have some fun.