How to Draw a Rifle

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The first thing to do is draw an outline of what your rifle will look like. Start by drawing an outlined shape that looks very much like a pick or golfing tee. Next draw the shape of the scope and add the lining for the mounting brackets.


Here you will start sketching out the stock of the riffle. Just under the scope you will see that I also drew in the shape and design of the bolt action lever as well. This is a very simple step, so take your time with it.


Step three basically focuses on drawing out the actual shape of your scope. Scopes almost always flare out in the front, and tapper off at the end. The rear part of your scope is what your eye looks through. Once the scope is drawn, you can then sket   


Now you will draw a line at the back of the butt of the gun, and then add some fine detailing. Once that is done you can then draw out the shape of the trigger, and the finger holster. Next sketch out the steel part of the rifle which starts under th   


All you have to do here in your last drawing step is sketch out the back mounting bracket, and then draw the knob which is used to adjust your sight. Sketch in a few detailing lines, and then your ready to clean up your drawing by erase the unwanted    


In the end your sketch should look like the one you see here. Drawing a hunting rifle has never been so easy has it? I had a good time with this tutorial, and I hope you did too. Join me again for more drawing fun!

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March 19, 2010

Description: I have a lot of weapons in the firearms section, and over the years I have submitted some pretty cool artillery like handguns, assault rifles like the AK-47, some U.S. military weapons, and other cool stuff. Since hunting season is drawing near and practically here, I figured it would be cool to show you guys "how to draw a rifle", step by step. My grandfather goes hunting a lot and he has so many different guns. He has a 30-06, a 7mm rifle, a Benelli 12 gauge shotgun with a pistol grip, another 12 gauge shot gun made by Remington, a 20 gauge shotgun, a .22 rifle, and of course an Arsenal AK-47. One of my favorite guns to shoot off is the .22 because I can sit at his house all day and just shoot targets. And since it's a semi-automatic, I don't have to keep putting in bullets through a bolt action. He's going to take me with him next month to buy his first 30-30. A good brush riffle is superb when hunting in the woods. The 30-06, and 7mm is a good long range rifle if you are going to be hunting across large openings like a meadow or something like that. I have to tell you guys though, when he shot off his AK-47, it was like thunder crackling everywhere. It really sounded like explosives going off, and if I was in the house when he shot it off, it would almost sound like there was a war going on, it was an experience I will never forget. My grandfather has been collecting riffles for ten years now. The rifle I drew for you all looks a lot like my grand pappy's gun. Rifles are loaded in a few different ways. Either by bolt action, muzzle loader, the semi, and full-auto rifles are usually loaded through a magazine, some bolt action rifles also have magazines that hold five bullets, and .22's like the Ruger 10-22 can be fully upgraded and customized to your liking. All rifles are designed to be fired with the stock pressed up against ones shoulder. They are used for hunting because they go long distances, and because the amount of force that comes from a rifle, is much stronger then some of the handguns out there today. Of course hunters are known to never leave their houses with bring a .44 magnum with them. Especially if there are bear in the area. A .44 will take down just about anything, which is why a lot of hunters use and bring one of these weapons along. This tutorial is going to show you how to draw a rifle, step by step, and you will notice that it looks like a common dear hunting gun. I will be back later with some more drawing fun for you guys, but in the mean time have fun with this tutorial. Peace people, and happy drawing!

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