How to Draw a Panda Tattoo

Artist: Dawn / January 15, 2017

Step 1.

Start off by drawing the outline of the panda's head using a thick stroke line.

Step 2.

Next, draw out and color in the shapes of the large eyes like so. They should be solid when done.

Step 3.

Now color in the ear detailing, draw the hole on the forehead, then add the splatter around the hole. Don't forget to add the nose and X for the mouth.

Step 4.

That's it you are all done. Now you can go ahead and color in your panda tattoo design or bring the finished drawing to your tattoo artist.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: January 15, 2017
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Description: Here is a cool lesson that will make some people smile, and even some people will frown. Today, we will learn "how to draw a panda tattoo", step by step in a very easy format. The panda has crooked eyes, an x'd out mouth and a few bleeding qualities. I don't think I have ever made a lesson on a tattoo panda before so this will be the first. Enjoy yourselves and let me know what you think overall.