How to Draw a Panda Heart

Artist: Dawn / July 24, 2014

Step 1.

Start off by drawing the shape of a heart.

Step 2.

You will add panda shaped ears at the corners of each arch of the heart shape like so.

Step 3.

Next, draw the circles which will house the panda's eyes.

Step 4.

Color in the pupils to complete the eyes, then draw and color in a nose, then make the mouth. I doubt you made any mistakes but if you did erase them now.

Step 5.

You are done. It was that fast and simple. Now you have an awesome cute drawing of your favorite animal.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: July 24, 2014
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Tags: how to draw hearts, how to draw pandas
Description: You all like hearts? Well how about a cute, simple and fast lesson on how to draw a panda heart, step by step. This is such an awesome way to create your favorite animal and show love for it at the same time. If you love pandas, then drawing a panda heart is something that you can do to show how much you love these adorable animals. I never knew that drawing animals could be so fun and easy until I created this concept. I think I might start an animal heart series so if there is an animal in mind let me know and I will get it done. Have fun folks and I know you will fall in love with this heart.