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How to Draw a 4th of July Heart

Artist: Dawn / July 4, 2017
How to Draw a 4th of July Heart

Step 1.

Start with a thick lined heart shape like so.

Step 2.

Next, add some stripes that run across on a slope through the heart.

Step 3.

Lastly, draw in a few stars, then you are done.

Step 4.

Color in your drawing using red, white and blue shades.

Comments (2)
Mosley · 3 years ago
Comment is somewhat irrelevant to the piece but are you and darkonator the only artists on here that produce tutorials?
Dawn · 3 years ago
Pretty much, although I would love for other artists to contribute as it is a good way to have various styles of art going uo
Artist: Dawn
Date Added: July 4, 2017
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Tags: how to draw hearts, how to draw 4th of july
Description: Everyone loves drawing hearts so here is one to celebrate the 4th of July. Up next, we will learn "how to draw a 4th of July heart", step by step. As you can image this is going to be a super simple task. All you will do is draw a heart and add some stars and stripes for the design. I don't really have much to say since all you will be doing is drawing a heart with stars and stripes. Peace out folks and enjoy.