How to Draw a Jar of Hearts


We will begin by drawing the shape of the jaw without the neck attached. This is an oblong shaped jar, but you can go with a different style if you like.


Here you will simply draw the cork which is stuffed inside the jar's neck. Add the cork's surface detailing like so, then proceed to the next step.


Now you can draw in the bottle neck. This should surround the cork like you see here.


Begin filling the jaw with some hearts, as you can see I have two hearts in this step and they are laying on top of one another.


Keep adding hearts and make sure to draw the hearts scattered about. You can choose to make them small, big, or somewhere in between.


Fill the bottom of the jar with three more hearts, and if you plan on making any damaged, sketch in the cracks now.


Begin to add more hearts in your jar. Do this slowly so you can add the hearts in neat manner.


Two more hearts into the jar, add some cracks on those as well.


After you fill the jar with the remaining hearts, you will be done with drawing hearts. This jar of hearts to me is full of damaged hearts that have been broken.


Add a string and tag, so you can label the jar appropriately. If you made mistakes, erase them now.


That's it, you are all done with your jar of hearts. Now you can add some color to this concept.

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March 7, 2014

Description: Okay guys, here is one of my favorite lessons that I made the other day. Its a tutorial on "how to draw a jar of hearts", step by step. This drawing concept was actually inspired from Christina Perry's song of the same name. I thought it would be a cool idea to make a glass jar with a cork top and fill it with a bunch of hearts. Some hearts are broken, split in two, or just cracked, and there are also some hearts that are still whole. You can design the hearts any way you like, so let me shut up so you can get busy with drawing a jar of hearts. Adios amigos, have fun.

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