How to Draw a Hellhound

How to Draw a Hellhound
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lets start this step by drawing out the circle shapes and guidelines of the hellhound. Starting at the left side where the head will be draw a small circle shape for the head with two rectangular shapes for the lining of the jaws. From that draw the    


In this step you will begin to draw out the outer shape of the hellhound beast. As you know always start at the head and work your way down the body. Shape and sketch out the snout and head. After that sketch the back of the hound right behind the he   


Now in this step which is step 3, you will be detailing parts of the hellhound. Starting at the face define the snout by drawing a few wrinkles and a nose. Then sketch out the eye and detail the inside of the mouth. Detail and sketch definition to th   


Step 4 is going to be short, sweet, and simple. What you will be doing is sketching in the sharp teeth that fill the hellhounds mouth. Then detail the beard by defining the strands. The coat around his neck and beginning back area all the way down th   


And here is what your finished sketch should look like when you are complete. Color the hellhound beast with shades of red and orange or you can even create your own color scheme. That was easy and fun wasn't it? Okay I will see you tomorrow.

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March 1, 2008

Welcome to Dragoart! Today we will be learning how to draw a hellhound. In this brief paragraph, we will sink further into the folklore/mythology of the hellhound. What is a hellhound? This hellish beast is known for guarding the gates to the underworld. This is common in Greek mythology. A common folklore in most countries states that hellhounds would hunt for souls for the devil. The appearance of a common hellhound consists of large horns, a horny back, glowing bright eyes, black fur, five toes for each paw of the forelegs and four toes for each paw of the back legs. My hell creature has a large orange mane and some fur on its hind legs. When you create your own hellhound, you don’t have to have this mane or incredibly large claws. This was just additional ideas I added to mine. Use this beast as a template for when you make your own. Anyways, back to learning about this beast. A popular hellhound is Cerberus. It guarded the gates to the underworld of Hades. Do you remember the Disney movie Hercules? Remember that large black three headed dog? That was Cerberus…I personally thought it was so cute the big teeth, the little nose, and the large paws! My hellhound is seven feet tall, and twenty feet long. That’s a large dog! Its dangerous claws are about a foot long each one. This massive creature can rip you to shreds on contact. Sometimes people find hellhounds roaming the volcanoes in search of souls. Folklore says that volcanoes are an entrance to the devil’s lair. Whenever the devil unleashes his fury, the volcano will erupt. They say that if one was to touch the hardened molten rock of the volcano, a hellhound will come for your soul. This image took me a few hours to color and draw. I found it in my sketch book from four years ago. Then I scanned it in Photoshop and added extra details and touch ups. Next I colored the image in Photoshop which took me two hours. So I hope this tutorial will helpfully aid you when you draw your own hellhound! Enjoy!

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