How to Draw a Chibi Dragon

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Okay well start this first step by drawing out an egg shaped circle for the dragons head. Then you will add the facial guidelines in. Draw a long curved line for his neck and then attach it to the egg shaped body that you will now draw next. The bod   


In this next step which is step 2, you will begin drawing in the lining for his face. Make two arched lines for the eyes and then a round circle for the snout with two little nostrils off to the side one on each corner. You will then draw a line to t   


Okay next you will draw two slashes for the eyes and then hols for the nostrils. Start shaping out the wing by drawing curves until it resembles a wing of a bat. Draw out the left and right hands, and then the feet and legs. So far this is pretty sim   


Now you will begin shaping out the head and face as shown and add his horns. Draw a separation line begining under the left side of the face and follow it down to the begining of the left thigh. Shape and detail the wings and then detail the claws or   


In this final step you will now start detailing the skin of the forest dragon by adding different shaped circles as you see here. After that detail the horns and then give him some spikes on his back and tail. Detail the wings once again and then era   


When you are done your chibi dragon should come put looking like the ones you see here. Now all you have to do is color him in and that is it you are done. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to draw a chibi dragon step by step. I will be back fo   

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September 13, 2008

Description: Hello DragoArt visitors and members! Today I have made a special treat for you. We will be learning how to draw an awesome Chibi dragon! I know I haven’t been making Chibi tutorials in a long time so here’s a tutorial of one. I remember four weeks ago I had a Chibi obsession. When that faded out I began to get obsessed with anime tutorials. Over time I’ve watched and bought a lot of anime. This includes Death Note, Naruto, Bleach, and Full Metal Alchemist. I really enjoy watching these anime shows. I’m sure everyone else loves it too (well anyone that like anime that is). Anyways, the Chibi dragon we will be drawing should be fairly easy. I made every single step easy to follow and draw. I know most of the people that come to DragoArt, are here for the dragons. So today I decided to make a tutorial on a dragon Chibi style. The dragon I drew is called a purple forest dragon. It’s a friendly and helpful critter unlike other evil and foul beasts. It only eats fruits and small animals because of its small size. Its maximum height is four feet and its length is six feet. The height however, reminds me of my baby sister XD. If I ever owned a Chibi purple forest dragon, I’d feed it candy all day. And if it craved to eat some human then I would it feed it my sister XDD. Ok, just kidding =P. Well anyways, I drew this creature on my program Adobe Photoshop CS3 while using my Wacom Intous3 tablet. Without those two things, I don’t know how I’d survive in the world XD. Before I was satisfied with today’s Chibi, there were three other ones, but they didn’t look good so I chose to finish off this one. Well I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial on how to draw a Chibi dragon step by step. It took me some time to draw and color it. This time I tried three types of shading techniques in one. Well, have fun everyone!

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