How To Draw a Dove

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In this first step what you will be doing is drawing out the guidelines for the frame of the white dove. This is kinda difficult to to explain how to start first. The way I did it, and you don't have to follow my steps you can draw it the way you wan   


In this step you will be detailing and defining the white doves wing by sketching out the feathers. This is the wing set off to the back. This is a very easy process to do it is the same thing as drawing any other kind of wing on any other kind of b   


This is you r last and final step to drawing the white dove. Here all you will be doing is sketching and drawing out the feathers on the wing that is in full view of you. This wings needs a bit more finesse and lighter strokes with your pencil to giv   


This completes the tutorial on how to draw a white dove. You are now done and all that is left to do is colorize your drawing or leave him as a sketched piece of art. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial I will see you guys another day.

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February 14, 2008

Description: Peace, love, and tranquility, those are the three words that come to mind when you think of that little white bird holding an olive branch in its mouth, this is seen as a symbol of peace. Sometimes you will even see a dove at a wedding that is later released into the open skies; this is a symbol of love. The clean white fresh appearance of the dove gives a sense of relief from anxiety, tension, or restlessness associated with stress from the hardships of life. Although doves are one of the most beautiful looking birds, they are still apart of the pigeon family. Unlike pigeons they do not stay in flight for to long, they often flutter about from spot to spot. These birds are small with an average length of 12 inches from head to tail. Their lifespan ranges between 10 to 15 years; it has been recorded with some living close to 25 years as well. The white dove make an excellent bird to keep as a pet, and they are very easy to train, which makes them perfect for beginning bird owners. They are comfortable being caged or on an aviary and are happy to be alone or with another dove. These birds are very easy to maintain, they love to bath in either a bathing bowl or being spritz several times with a sprayer. Doves are also a very good natured behaved bird, and when they get used to their family they can be easily handled both by adults and children. By the time the white dove reaches 6 months old, they are considered to be ready to breed. They will lay a total of two eggs which will hatch in about 14 days. The little birdlings stay in their nest for four weeks, after that time they become independent. In this tutorial you will learn how to draw a white dove with detailed step by step instructions. Just looking at a dove puts you at ease, so when you are sketching this beautiful bird make sure you are sitting down.

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