How to Draw a Mummy

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As with all my first steps, you are going to start by drawing out the guidelines to help you draw the mummy in detail and without complications. Start by drawing a circle for the head, two for the shoulders, two for the elbows, one big one for the to   


Now what you are going to be doing here is filling out the lining and shapes by actually drawing the outside of the mummies body. The mummy is a very stiff looking creature, so when you are drawing it out try and remember to keep your lines strong an   


Now you can start to add the little details on the body of the mummy. His face is suppose to look creepy and scary, so you really don't need to sketch in a perfect looking face. Detail the hands by drawing sharp finger nails and lining the fingers so   


Here is the most time consuming part of the whole tutorial. You will have to sketch and draw out all the cloth that is wrapped around the entire mummy. The top of the body looks like its all exposed muscle, but it is actually going to be colored and    


This is the finished sketch. Your drawing of the mummy should look like this when you are done. Good job and all that is left is to color the mummy and shape some crusty looking blood all over it. See ya.

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February 14, 2008

Description: In this tutorial I am going to show you how to draw a cool looking mummy that is bloody, dirty, old, crusty, and creepy. A mummy is a dead human or other form of creature that has been preserved either by embalming or by decaying naturally from extreme cold conditions, severely low humidity, or other forms of natural environmental conditions. Mummies can be found through out the world, but the most common of mummy that is usually discovered are from the remains of ancient times. When we think of a mummy, Halloween comes to mind because over the years the mummy became some what known as part of the monster clan existing of Dracula, Frankenstein, and the Werewolf. Hollywood took a liken to the mummy, and since then many motion pictures depict this walking dead monster a threat to all man kind, such as the movie created in 1999 called “Mummy”. It was about an ancient Egyptian king that becomes evil and is later brought back to life some decades later to conquer the world. Cartoons are also known to contain mummy monsters chasing after people, but are usually later destroyed are unveiled as being a person inside of a costume. Even though the best known mummies are from ancient Egypt, the Egyptians not only mummified humans, but sacred animals as well such as cats and crocodiles. The Persians are known to have mummies as well using a waxing technique. Places like china use a preserving technique that involves coffins being packed with medicinal herbs. There was actually a well preserved mummy from China called Lady Dai. She was so well preserved that they were able to do an actual autopsy on her body that has been isolated since 200 B.C. Researchers came to a conclusion that Lady Dai died from a heart attack, talk about amazing huh. I believe that somewhere in the near future Scientist will be able to extract DNA from fossils and mummies to make an exact replica of them by cloning. I know it sounds crazy now, but watch and see it will happen for sure. Anyways I wanted my mummy to be one of those scary ones from the movies and cartoons. So, in this tutorial you will learn how to draw a mummy step by step with detailed instructions. I hope you have fun with this tutorial, you can even get crazy and add your own personal touches. If you would like something a bit more easier to draw, you can tackle this tutorial on how to draw a cartoon mummy step by step. Peace peeps and have fun!

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