How to Draw a Cute Lion Girl

Artist: SmileyMonkey / April 18, 2012

Step 1.

First, create a circle for your lion girl's head. Then, create facial guidelines by drawing a curved line to make the face symmetrical, then two more lines going across the circle to help you place the eyes. Make sort of an oval shape next. this is f   

Step 2.

Okay, this next step I have outlined in red. First, the outlining. Outline all the guidelines you made to form the torso and limbs. Make sure when you outline her face you make a little bump out at her face to form a chin. Next, to make the eyes, mak   

Step 3.

Here comes the fun part! First, add two lion-like ears. One more of a half circle because it's further away, and the other a little rounder to show that it's closer to you. Next, give your lion girl a hairstyle! It doesn't have to be like mine, anyt   

Step 4.

Okay, erase all your guidelines and extra lines (if you haven't already) and you're done! You don't have to color yours like mine, like I said earlier, it's yours! I hope you had a good time drawing my cute lion girl! Have fun coloring :D

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Artist: SmileyMonkey
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Description: Welcome to my first tutorial! Today, I'll be teaching you how to draw a "cute lion girl" step by step! I love to draw anime and chibis, so I combined my love for it and big cats to create my chibi lion girl! I hope you enjoy learning how to draw her :D