Chibi Chimera Drawing Lesson


Start off with the the guides to form the body and heads of this monster. Don't forget the limb guides and tail guide.


We will work on the lion head first. Begin by sketching out the shape or structure of the head and include the ears as well.


Next, draw the actual shape of the lion's face which is being framed out by the mane. Add the tuft of hair on the forehead as well.


Before drawing in the faces let's get the lamb or goat head drawn in as well as the front part of the neck and chest. The head of the goat is shaped like an almond so go ahead and get that done. Once finished, draw the horns and add a nose ring.


Begin with the goat face first since you are probably still working on it. Draw in one eye and the stripes or grooved lines on the horns.


Now you can draw the lion's face chibi style. The eyes are first, then draw the nose and mouth.


Draw the rest of the body shape next and don't forget the two legs.


Add the other legs and then draw the tail which is actually the third animal and that animal is the snake. Add an eyeball and slithering tongue.


Finally, add the toe lines for the lion paws in the front, and the goat hooves in the back for the back legs. Also, for the reptilian part of this beast, add some scales. Erase the mistakes and all the guides.


Your chibi Chimera is complete. Now you can color it in and show friends and family the Greek Mythology creature you have just made.

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April 4, 2017

Description: Here is a concept that I never did before. I mean, I made a lesson on a Chimera before, just not in this drawing style. Up next, we will learn how to draw a chibi Chimera, step by step. This concept came out looking so awesome and really cool. I love the way the heads and body came out. For those of you who don't know what a Chimera is, they are a creature from Greek mythology. Chimera were believed to be fire-breathing, have two heads (usually that of a lion and goat) and also have the body of two animals. This chibi version of a Chimera is awesome. You will be able to recreate your own chibi Chimera in no time at all using this tut. I do hope you have fun with it, I know a few people asked for this lesson so hopefully it's what you expected to see.

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